Influencer Marketing:
A Secret Weapon

We have built one of the largest luxury influencer marketing networks in the world with over 5 million active followers amongst the accounts This network is comprised of celebrities, athletes, and luxury niche accounts with massive followings.

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Why It Works:

Boost Your Social Reach

With the massive followings of influencers, the obvious benefit is that they help brands reach a bigger audience. Influencers are also able to engage their fans by being their true selves. They express themselves through authentic and engaging content, which their followers look to for inspiration.

Improve Brand Sentiment

Brands always strive to win the hearts of consumers and create a positive brand image. So it's no wonder they work with influencers to promote their brands because influencers can increase positive brand sentiment. You will be able to experience this benefit more effectively if you invest in influencers who genuinely believe in the product. This genuine positive sentiment the influencers have towards your brand can help portray your brand personality in a positive light.

Drive A Higher Return On Investment

Influencer marketing delivers high returns in terms of earned media value. This is the value attributed to factors such as social sharing and publicity as well as other forms of organic digital media exposure. Influencer marketing helped advertisers generate $11.69 in EMV for every dollar they spend.

Relatability & The Millennial Crowd

Influencers post about their everyday life, stay connected with their followers, and are able to interact directly with them. Plus, they often share the same age group, demographics, interests, and behaviors of their target audience.

This ties in closely to social identity theory, the part of psychology that deals with how people view themselves as belonging to a group of similar individuals, and basing part of their personal identity on their membership to said group. Naturally, the opinions of members of the same group are worth more to people than those of a different group.