Instagram Growth:
Strictly Data Driven 

The heart of growth marketing is the relentless focus on growth as the only metric that truly matters. Every strategy, every tactic, and every initiative, is attempted in the hopes of growing. Of course, traditional marketing cares about growth too, but not to the same extent. By ignoring almost everything else, growth marketing can focus on achieving the one task that matters most early on. 

This absolute focus on growth has given rise to a number of methods, tools, and best practices, that simply didn’t exist in the traditional marketing world.

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Our Process & How It Works:

Define Actionable Goals

Everything begins by focusing on a narrow, actionable goal. Yes, the overall goal is growth, but you don’t attain that kind of end-result without breaking it into smaller, achievable, tasks. This is accomplished by gaining insight into business challenges, goals, and operations through a series of discovery questions. We then work to understand ideal audience demographics and product/service propositions.

Track Goals With Analytics

Without analytics, goals are empty. If you can’t definitively say when a goal has been reached then you have not completed the requisite requirements before moving ahead. Furthermore, we utilize analytics to track progress and judge how our growth strategies are working.

Leverage Existing Strengths

Every business has inherent strengths or assets that can be used as leverage. When there is something at your disposal which requires little energy, but can produce big results, you’ve found your asset to capitalize on. From experience, pushing out high quality content on a daily basis has brought massive success to every brand that we’ve worked with. If you’re not currently putting out quality content, our creative design team will help to develop a content strategy program. 

In the end, users are only going to follow your brand because of the content you’re putting out. The more high quality content you put out on a daily basis, the more users will see and interact with your brand thus increasing your chances of converting followers.

Establish Virality

Establishing virality is the best way to achieve rapid growth of your user base. While there is no way to 100% know the impact of content shared online, there are several calculated steps and techniques that will maximize your chances of creating something disruptive in the market. 

Over the years, we’ve perfected the necessary strategies needed to boost engagement and increase brand awareness. The more engagement your posts have within the first 30 minutes - hour, the more likely you will go viral. We utilize several engagement hack strategies to increase the likelihood of virality taking place daily.

Implement Marketing Funnel

As your brand’s content continues to draw traction, you’ll receive an influx of user engagement. Getting users to engage with your content is only the first level to this funnel. Next, we’ll work to understand direct/indirect audience mapping for persuasive targeting strategies. This process takes the user from simply looking at your social profile to following and learning more about your product/service.
Targeted Followers

By using advanced machine learning methods we find highly targeted potential followers that match your requirements regarding interest, demographics and age.

Hashtag Analysis

We analyze the current trends and thereby find suitable hashtags for you. We make suggestions so that you can tag your content in the best possible way and this maximize your reach and organic growth.

Organic Growth

Our experts grow your account using proven methods. By manually interacting with your potential followers we draw their attention and thereby organically grow your number of followers.

Direct Messaging

It is a great way to welcome you new follower, just showing gratitude or even informing them about for example a new product or coupon code.

Increased Engagement

By interacting with new and your already existing community we are able to increase your engagement.

Monthly Reports

Each month you will be given a detailed overview of the performance of your account and how much growth you've received.

Growth Packages:

$ 3000
Monthly Plan

- Monthly Analytics - Targeted Likes by Location/Hashtag - 200 Targeted Messages Per Month - 5000 New Followers Per Month

$ 5000
Quarterly Plan

- Monthly Analytics - Targeted Likes by Location/Hashtag - Rebranding Of Profile - 600 Targeted Messages - Monthly Content Creation - 20,000 New Followers

$ 17,000
Quarterly Plan

- Targeted Likes by Location/Hashtag - Rebranding Of Profile - 1200 Targeted Messages - Daily Posting/Content Creation - Growth Marketing Strategies Implemented - Advanced Analytics on Follower Growth/Engagement - 50,000 New Followers